Administrative regulations concerning booking holiday leave

Your employees like taking a well-deserved holiday. You don't want your company to suffer from too many absences. What are the regulations regarding holiday leave?

Employees all want to take leave at the same time. How do you decide who has priority without creating problems?

Can the employee choose?

An employee cannot simply take leave when they like. There are several rules:

  • An employee is entitled to at least two weeks of uninterrupted leave between 1 May and 31 October (three weeks for employees aged under 18). The employee can choose to change the duration, but the minimum is one week.
  • Workers with school-age children have priority for leave during school holidays.
  • Whenever possible, leave should be taken during periods of low activity in the company.
  • Taking half-days is not allowed. However, an employee can request, for example, to take the three days of the fourth week of leave in half-days.

Additional company rules

You can also impose your own rules. You can decide to give priority to employees with more seniority or with young children. You choose the best rules for your company to avoid disputes.

Exceptional situations

  • What about in the event of illness?
    If an employee is ill before their first day of leave, the leave can be postponed. You have to pay wages during sick leave, except when an employee is ill just before a period of company closure. In this case, the health insurance fund covers this.
  • Are young employees entitled to leave?
    Young employees who have just left school are entitled to additional holidays under certain conditions. Additional young employee leave is applied after ordinary paid leave has been booked, but this is not obligatory. It can be decided in consultation with your employees.
  • Leave during company closure
    You can choose to give annual leave when the company is closed. This must comply with employment regulations. If you respected the procedure to change the regulations, your employees must comply, and leave must be reserved for this period.
    Communication is the golden rule for planning your employees' leave. Discuss your employees' needs with them and explain the company's priorities.

(Source: PROspective)

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