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A large-scale operation to boost Belgian e-commerce

This year, the 7 Sleepless Shopping Nights and Online Retailer Day are joining forces to galvanise Belgian e-commerce and highlight our local champions. The first event will take place on 25 April.


> Shopping Nights

The association Safeshops is aiming to increase consumer confidence in online shopping in Belgium. To do so, it has created a quality label that bears its name. And from 25 April to 1 May inclusive, it is once again organising the 7 Sleepless Shopping Nights.

The affiliated retailers are this year expecting over 25,000 consumers for promotions that are only available overnight between 7pm and 7am. Around a hundred online shops from various sectors are participating, representing the travel industry, home decor, fashion, electronics, jewellery and more.

"We successfully launched these Sleepless Shopping Nights last year. 96% of online retailers have confirmed that they will be participating this year!

Marc Périn, Chairman of

The association recently gave awards to several Belgian online retailers, after talking to 500 customers. Those that received awards in 2017 include NewPharma (Diamond Award), HelloKings (Rising Star), AS Adventure (Logistic Champion), Albelli (Payment Hero) and Viata (Customer Friendliness).

> Online Retailer Day

Its name doesn't really suit it. In fact, Online Retailer Day will take place over three days on 3, 4 and 5 November 2017. The idea is to boost sales for Belgian online retailers at the beginning of November, a period that is traditionally rather quiet before the Christmas sales begin.

This year, Online Retailer Day has teamed up with Shopping Nights in terms of logistics and marketing. Over the three days, more than 200 Belgian online retailers will run offers for Belgian consumers which will be available on the central website, Special offers will also be made available on social media using the hashtag #JDWXL. At the beginning of September, all the online retailers will be able to launch marketing campaigns leading up to the event.

Some big names will be involved (Dreamland, Hema), but less well-known shops such as Eskimo, NotreVache, Kamielenco, le Petit Zèbre and Streekmarkt will use this opportunity to get their names out there. To take part, you can sign up by sending an e-mail to or calling +32 (0)9 279 47 72.



BNP Paribas Group, first quarter 2019 results

The business of BNP Paribas was up this quarter for the three operating divisions with in particular a gradual upturn in the business of CIB. Economic growth slowed down in Europe but remained positive. After the crisis in the markets at the end of 2018, the market context remained lackluster at the beginning of the quarter, but improved towards the end of the period.

Director and Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas, Jean-Laurent Bonnafé:
“BNP Paribas delivered a good level of result this quarter, at 1.9 billion euros. Revenues were up thanks to business growth in the operating divisions with in particular an upturn in client business at CIB. Operating expenses were well contained and benefitted from cost saving measures, generating a positive jaws effect.”

BNP Q1 2019 results 1

BNP Q1 2019 results 2

One pager with the results
The press release



Do companies really want a more sustainable world?

Yes, the success of our Sustainable Business Ateliers is good proof of that. Most companies are aware of their social responsibility, but some are in need of information. To help them on their way, BNP Paribas Fortis organises regular regional Sustainable Business Workshops. Last year, our bank organised two pilot sessions in Liège and Limburg and more recently it was the turn of Namur, Gits (in West Flanders) and Ghent. Other Belgian cities will be announced soon.


During the Sustainable Business Workshops the invited clients are inspired by the experts from our Sustainable Business Competence Centre, and by other clients who speak about the actions they have already taken with their business.

After the presentations, participants are divided into groups and share experiences led by a moderator.

How do clients rate them?

Feedback from the participants revealed that the focus on cooperation and networking opportunities are the greatest advantages of the Workshops. Those attending always include representatives of small, medium-sized and large businesses from a variety of sectors - a diversity which participants find highly enriching. After all, no single company can overcome all of the present challenges on its own. Companies will not only have to cooperate with one another, but also with the government, universities, startups, etc. to make progress.

According to the participants, BNP Paribas Fortis is also the only financial service provider that goes great lengths to support companies in the area of sustainable business, by analysing at which stage of the sustainable business path the companies are and by guiding them to use sustainability as an opportunity for their activities.

Do you want to participate in one of our Sustainable Business Workshops? Please contact your Relationship Manager for the practical details.

Not a client yet? And do you want to know more about the guidance we offer and the benefits of sustainability for your company? Discover what our Sustainable Business Competence Centre can do for you.



Solvay links the cost of credit to a reduction in greenhouse gases

Solvay has agreed new terms in an existing €2 billion revolving credit facility, linking the cost of credit to a reduction in greenhouse gases. Solvay concluded this positive incentive agreement with its syndicate of nine banks. BNP Paribas Fortis is acting as Sustainability Coordinator and agent bank to Solvay’s long-term banking partners.

Solvay announced in September 2018 a commitment to cut greenhouse gases from its own operations by 1 million tonnes by 2025 relative to 2017 levels. The Group intends to achieve this reduction by further improving energy efficiency, energy mix and by investing in clean technologies. “We seek to integrate sustainability into all key aspects of our business, including financing. Associating Solvay's ambitious greenhouse gas emissions target to the cost of credit is a logical step. The successful teaming up with our banks shows that the way towards more sustainability is a collective effort," said Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO of Solvay.

I am proud that Solvay has mandated BNP Paribas Fortis to introduce a Positive Incentive Loan mechanism that supports Solvay’s ambitions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This innovative solution is a clear example of how we and the syndicated banks we represent aim to serve our clients in terms of value creation. Collaboration between banks and clients is key in driving the economy forward to a more sustainable future,” said Max Jadot, CEO of BNP Paribas Fortis.

Read the full Press Release

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