Documentary collections import and export

Charges applicable for Corporate Banking clients.

Current tariffs Future tariffs

Basic charges

Fixed amount, irrespective of documents against payment, against acceptance or against acceptance and payment. The basic charges include the standard postal charges and the standard costs of Swift messages.

Basic charges


Collection commission € 125

Basic charges


Amendment commission € 25

Communication charges

Additional costs are charged for express mail, extra SWIFT messages and tracers:

Extra SWIFT messages € 10
per message
Tracer € 10

per tracer, 1st included

Express mail (max. 0,5 kg)
Within Europe € 25
Outside Europe € 40

Communication charges

Payment commission

Applicable to incoming and outgoing payments:

In Euro (within the Eurozone) 1 °/°°

(Minimum € 5,58 and Maximum € 61,97)

In Euro (outside the Eurozone) or other currencies 1,5 °/°°

(Minimum € 5,58 and Maximum € 99,16)

Payment commission

Specific charges

Issue of a delivery order (after receipt of the documentary collection and payment instructions) € 25
Issue of a delivery order (prior to receipt of the documentary collection, after the requisite cover has been set up) € 75
Documentary collection dishonoured or rejectedor returned € 50
Bill dishonoured after acceptance € 50
Remittance free of payment € 15
Protest € 50
+ legal costs
Search € 15
Correspondent bank costs

Specific charges


All commissions and charges are subject to VAT.


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